About Us

Our passion since the foundation of Gilbert H. Wild and Son has been to provide plant lovers with many of the world’s finest varieties with excellent pricing and our 2021 Spring catalog proves just that. We grow our own plant stock, unlike most mail-order companies, so we can control quality and shipping costs. We work for years producing home grown plants that we are proud to grow, dig and ship directly to you.

Our history began when James Herman Wild was on a wagon train bound for the southwest when it broke down in the Southwest Missouri region. James was influenced by the beautiful meadows of wildflowers he saw and settled in Sarcoxie, MO in 1868. In 1885, his son, Gilbert Herman Wild paid $45.00 for a crate of peony roots from Europe which he planted behind his family’s home. Three years later, the flower blooms were sold to an Omaha Wholesaler for $3.00 each. That single sale launched Gilbert H. Wild and Son! As the family farm grew, daylilies and iris were added to the farm.




2020 marked a new chapter for our family as we welcomed P. Allen Smith. Mr. Smith shares with us his own design tips, insights, and caring practices for plants. He also shares with us his own use of our plants in his personal horticultural and gardening work. Many of our plants are trialed at his Arkansas garden home - Moss Mountain Farm.

2020 was challenging for our country due to COVID-19. While we mourn what has happened to our great country, we are also inspired that so many have looked for a silver lining - focusing on improving their homes and gardens. We have seen a renewed interest in gardening, and we welcome new friends to our family.





Today, we raise plants on over 100 acres of rich Missouri land, and have grown to be one of the largest growers of daylilies, iris and peonies in the world. We take great pride in our plants and work many hours caring for them in our rich Ozark Mountain soil. We also keep several greenhouses full of sun-loving and shade-loving perennials. We pride ourselves in delivering many of the highest quality, freshest plants available on the market.
We guarantee our plants and consider customer satisfaction our top priority - please order with confidence knowing that our team has been caring for each plant. Ordering plants is easier than ever with our newly designed website. Please visit www.gilberthwild.com and give us a try! Or, if you prefer, call us at 888-449-4537 to place your order over the phone. Would you like an additional catalog for yourself or a friend? You may request one to be mailed for free!



We thank you, our customers, for the trust and confidence that you placed in us by ordering from us for the last 136 years. We know that you have many choices for your plant purchases, and we will continue to work hard to maintain your trust. God bless you and have a great gardening year!


Have a great gardening year!

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Please be aware, we do not offer retail sales at the farm, nor do we offer tours of the grounds.
We simply don’t have enough staff to offer you the experience you deserve.