About Us

The Wilds' love of flowers dates back to when Herman Wild was on a Wagon train to the southwest when it broke down. Influenced by the wonderful meadows of wildflowers, he settled in Sarcoxie in 1868. In 1885 Gilbert Herman Wild paid $45.00 for a crate of peony roots from Europe, and they were planted behind the family home. Three years later the flower blooms were sold to an Omaha Wholesaler for $3.00. That single sale launched Gilbert H. Wild to begin a lifetime of passion for peonies.

Today we farm nearly 250 acres of rich Missouri farm land, some of it the same ground Gilbert H. Wild began raising peonies on 124 years ago! Since that time, we’ve grown to be one of the largest growers of daylilies, peonies, and iris in the world. We have stuck to Gilbert’s principles of the best plants, for the best prices. We don’t just talk about quality and value, we live it!
We are a family owned business. We still grow all our daylilies, iris and peonies, and we work many hours so that our plants may live up to your expectations! We also keep several greenhouses and shade houses full of other sun loving and shade loving perennials, such as hostas, grasses, coneflowers, phlox, succulents and more. One of the most beautiful sites in the world is our 100 acre field of lilies in bloom at one time.

We currently grow over 1,800 varieties of daylilies, 600 varieties of peonies, 130 varieties of iris, and have over 10,000 plants potted in greenhouses.

We take great pride in our plants! Each plant is planted by hand in our rich Ozark Mountain soil. When you place your order it is dug by hand, right from our field, before we ship to you. We deliver the highest quality, freshest plants available on the market.

You can order with confidence from Gilbert H. Wild because all of our plants are guaranteed. There are times when we mess up, and don’t get everything just right, but hopefully not too many! If we do mess up, all you need to do is let us know and we’ll make it right! So why not thumb through our catalog right now. You will find incredible selection of top quality plants at the most reasonable prices. Don't have a copy? You can request one be mailed to you for free!

We thank you, our customers, for the trust and confidence that you placed in us by ordering from us for the last 130+ years. We know that you have many choices to purchase your plants; we will do everything possible to continue to earn this trust. We thank God that He has chosen to bless us so!

Have a great gardening year!

Gilbert H. Wild and Son LLC
2944 State Highway 37, Reeds, MO 64859
1 (417) 548-3514 or 1 (888) 449-4537

Please be aware, we do not offer retail sales at the farm, nor do we offer tours of the grounds.
We simply don’t have enough staff to offer you the experience you deserve.