Bulb Splendid Spring Collection

Bulb Splendid Spring Collection
Item Number: B-C-SPLEND

Product Type: Full Sun

Color: Varies

Height: Varies

Season of Bloom: Varies

Detailed Description

Bulb Splendid Spring Collection - Get 1 package each of all Allium, Crocus, Hyacinth and Grape Hyacinth listed below for just $69.25 and save over 25% off in the individual prices. 35 bulbs in all. Collection includes 1 package each of: Cristophii Allium, Gladiator Allium, Rosy Dream Allium, Crocus Giant Mixed, Delft Blue Dutch Hyacinth, Gipsy Queen Heirloom Hyacinth, Jan Bos Dutch Hyacinth, Baby's Breath Grape Hyacinth and Bling Bling Grape Hyacinth.