Showers of Falling Stars (24 corms)

Showers of Falling Stars (24 corms)
Item Number: F-24

Product Type: Full Sun

Color: Varies

Height: Varies

Season of Bloom: Mid Summer

Detailed Description

Showers of Falling Stars (24 corms) - CROCOSMIA 'mixed'. 16-60" tall. Our choice of color and variety. Brightly colored, funnel-shaped blooms are unique, add diversity and make a bold statement in the garden. Their straight stems and unique blooms make them an ideal choice for cut-flower arrangements and bouquets. Their narrow sword-like foliage adds dimension and texture. Plant throughout your garden to make your landscape look like a picture straight out of a design magazine. Drought tolerant once established. Attracts hummingbirds and are deer and rabbit resistant. Zones 5-9. 8/10cm corms. Get 24 corms for $38.50!