Grass Garden Collection

Grass Garden Collection
Item Number: G-C-GRASS

Detailed Description

Grass Garden Collection - If you are looking for a well-rounded selection of grasses to start your own grass garden or add to an existing landscape, look no further.

The top 9 we recommend include: All Gold Hakone Grass (zone 5-9), Black Mondo Grass (zone 5-9), Boulder Blue Fescue Grass (zone 4-8), Eilers Beauty™ Fescue Grass (zone 4-8), Little Miss Bicolor Grass (zone 5-10), Northern Sea Oat Grass (zone 5-9), Overdam Variegated Feather Reed Grass (zone 4-8), Spiral Rush Grass (zone 5-11) and Totem Pole Switch Grass (zone 4-9).

Get all 9 for $50.00 and save over 20%.

Sold out of Pink Cloud Muly Grass - collection price has been adjusted.