Daylily Spring Get Them All Collection

Daylily Spring Get Them All Collection
Item Number: H-C-ALL

Detailed Description

Daylily Spring Get Them All Collection - So often we have customers who want to go hog wild and get every daylily in our catalog….so here it is! Get all 80 daylilies listed below for $619.00 (a $825.50 value)! That's over 25% off!! Best deal in the entire catalog! Plus, if you order early, you get an additional 10% off and free shipping! (Bouquet of Blooms and Groundcover daylilies are not included).

Collection includes 1 each of: Admiral's Braid, Alabama Jubilee, American Revolution, Apricot Sparkles, Bela Lugosi, Bestseller, Bettylen, Bogeyman, Bridgeton Celebrity, Cabbage Flower, Cherokee Star, Custard Candy, Daria, Daring Deception, Double Firecracker, Double Pardon Me, Earlybird Cardinal, Earlybird Oriole, Ed Brown, Elegant Candy, Erin Lea, Exotic Candy, Fire King, Funny Valentine, Handwriting on the Wall, Happy Returns, Heavenly Angel Ice, Inkheart, Jazz King, Judy Judy, Lake of Fire, Lavender Blue Baby, Lavender Stardust, Lies and Lipstick, Mardi Gras Parade, Marque Moon, Monterrey Jack, New Tangerine Twist, Numinous Moments, Omomuki, Open My Eyes, Pardon Me, Passion for Red, Passionate Returns, Pastures of Pleasure, Pearl Lewis, Pink Stripes, Pizza Crust, Prairie Blue Eyes, Prairie Wildfire, Purple de Oro, Rags to Riches, Raspberry Eclipse, Raspberry Suede, Raspberry Winter, Return a Smile, Rock Solid, Rocket City, Romantic Returns, Rose Emily, Rosy Returns, Ruffled Pastel Cheers, Siloam Double Classic, Snaggle Tooth, Spacecoast Behavior Pattern, Star Of The North, Stella Supreme, Stolen Treasure, Storm Warning, Strawberry Candy, Strutter's Ball, Sunday Gloves, Susan Pritchard Petit, The Jury's Out, Tiger Blood, Tiger Swirl, Unlock The Stars, Wahpeton Wish, Washinton Park and Wyoming Wildfire.