Daylily Spring New Collection

Daylily Spring New Collection
Item Number: H-C-NEW

Detailed Description

Daylily Spring New Collection - Get 1 each of the newest and best daylilies – 1 each of all 27 New Daylilies listed below and save over 25% off! All 27 for just $275.50 plus FREE shipping!

Collection includes 1 each of: 24 Karat Ruffles, Adamas, Anne McWilliams, Aragon, Beachy Keen, Belle Cook, Blushing Ruffles, Broaden Your Horizons, Catcher in the Eye, Double Pardon Me, Fashion Police, Ledgewood's Tony Likes It, Little Brandon, Little Red Baron, Madeline Macartney, Nectar of the Nile, Palace Garden Beauty, Paul Weber, Popcorn Pete, Raspberry Eclipse, Roger Grounds, Sound of my Heart, Spacecoast Cotton Candy, Spacecoast Devil's Eye, Sparkling Grape Juice, Sprinkled with Paprika and Zest of Orange Truffle.

Premium, single fan divisions. All bareroot and wrapped in high quality gardening mix.

Sold out of John Peat - collection price has been adjusted.