Daylily Spring Tetraploid Collection

Daylily Spring Tetraploid Collection
Item Number: H-C-TET

Detailed Description

Daylily Spring Tetraploid Collection - Daylilies typically have 22 chromosomes in the nucleus; cultivars developed with this basic set of chromosomes are referred to as diploids. Tetraploid daylilies have 44 chromosomes, twice the normal somatic number for the species. Plants with more chromosomes tend to have more substance than their diploid cousins. Tetraploid daylilies have larger and thicker leaves and flowers, stronger flower scapes, more intense coloration and increased vigor. So there you have it! Many gardeners won't plant a dip after they've grown tets. Here are 15 great tetraploid varieties.

Collection includes 1 each of: Bela Lugosi, Custard Candy, Daring Deception, Elegant Candy, Fire King, Funny Valentine, Jazz King, Marque Moon, Monterrey Jack, Omomuki, Prairie Wildfire, Rocket City, Ruffled Pastel Cheers, Strawberry Candy and Unlock The Stars. All 15 for just $94.75. Save $23.75! Zone 3-9.