Daylily Mahieu Mixed Spider Daylilies (10)

Daylily Mahieu Mixed Spider Daylilies (10)
Item Number: H-MAHMIX

Product Type: Full Sun

Detailed Description

Brian Mahieu's Mixed Spider Daylilies (10)

For the first time ever we are proud to offer Brian Mahieu's Hybrid Daylilies!

Get 10 mixed Mahieu Daylilies for just $45.00! Limit 50 daylilies (5 sets) per customer. The Mahieu daylilies pictured represent a small selection of possible varieties in the mix. Offer good while supplies last. All Mahieu daylilies are shipped unnamed and unlabeled as bare-root divisions, zones 3-9.

Brian Mahieu began hybridizing in 1992 as a result of meeting Stewart and Mavis Smith. Brian had taken a very different approach to breeding daylilies. He would introduce the species back into his breeding program to regain the more "natural" form, re-harness the hardiness and vigor as well as bring back the fragrance many of the nocturnal blooming species have. The beauty of his daylilies is fascinating, with very tall scapes, unusual forms, lots of buds and branching. Brian has one of the most diverse gene pools in any active hybridizing program. He has incorporated many rare and unused species into his lines. These species are the source of new and unexplored daylily genomes. Many wonderful traits came from the introduction of new species: massive buds and branching, fragrance, extended bloom period, extra early, very late, bud building and re-blooming characteristics, radial branching, hybrid vigor, clean foliage and improved rates of increase.