Iris Fall Siberian & Japanese Collection

Iris Fall Siberian & Japanese Collection
Item Number: I-C-FALLSJ

Detailed Description

Iris Fall Siberian & Japanese Collection - Japanese irises have a flat bloom, narrower leaves, and smaller, more compact rhizomes. They have the largest flowers of all irises, and make wonderful spring accents for the edge of water gardens. Japanese irises are the latest to bloom, about a month after the Siberian irises. Siberian irises are haled for their elegant, delicate flowers and disease resistance. They perform admirably in the sunny to partially shady garden, but need plenty of water throughout the season to continue looking their best. Full sun, damp, consistent water needs, deer & rabbit resistant, attracts hummingbirds and bees.

Get all 6 listed below for just $37.50 and save nearly 20%! Collection includes 1 each of: Lion King Japanese, Blueberry Fair Siberian, Butter & Sugar Siberian, Contrast in Styles Siberian, Over in Gloryland Siberian and Sky Mirror Siberian. Potted in 3" pots.