Daffodil 250 Mixed

Daffodil 250 Mixed
Item Number: N-250

Product Type: Full Sun

Color: Varies

Height: Varies

Season of Bloom: Varies

Detailed Description

Daffodil 250 Mixed - Daffodils are one of the most recognizable Spring flowers. It just so happens to also be one of the easiest bulbs to plant and grow. Just plant where they will receive at least 4 hours of sun in a well-drained soil and many will bloom for 30 years and more. If left to naturalize, a single bulb will multiple and become a huge clump with loads of blooms. Plant in masses along stream banks, along fences or on a difficult slope. Plant under trees, in the yard or among large rocks; anywhere you want a pop of spring color, these beauties will shine. Deer and rabbit resistant. If you don't like the look of the foliage while it is dying back, plant alongside of daylilies and their foliage will hide the brown leaves. Get 250 mixed bulbs for $150.00!