Hosta Blue Mammoth

Hosta Blue Mammoth
Item Number: O-BLUEMA

Product Type: Part Shade

Color: Blue

Height: 21-30

Season of Bloom: Early Summer

Detailed Description

Hosta Blue Mammoth - 30" tall, 50" spread, pale lavender flowers. This MAMMOTH blue hosta is a great grower and in time will develop into a very large clump, especially in moisture retentive soil. Leaves are large, rounded and heavily puckered, powdery blue turning blue-green. Part shade to full shade. Hosta Blue Angel - 36" tall, 48" spread, light lavender flowers. Gigantic, heart shaped, blue-green leaves are of thick, heavy substance. Leaf petioles stand upright holding the leaves horizontally, then cascade downward to form a huge mound of lush foliage. Slug resistant. All potted in 3" pots! Part shade to full shade.