Perennial Cheerleader Chrysanthemum

Perennial Cheerleader Chrysanthemum
Item Number: R-CHEER

Product Type: Full Sun

Color: Orange

Height: 31-40

Season of Bloom: Fall

Detailed Description

Perennial Cheerleader Chrysanthemum - 36" tall, up to 5-6" bloom, full sun, mid-late summer bloom. Gigantic, copper-orange corsage-type bloom stands tall on sturdy stems. A must have football mum! Zones 3-9. Potted in 3" pot.

Mums are a must have in late summer/fall sun gardens. Flowers range from 4" up to an impressive 8" in diameter (with disbudding). Mums will produce their flowers in the summer instead of the fall, if not pinched back. Stop pinching back by mid-summer for the best fall show.