Perennial Denim 'n Lace Sage

Perennial Denim 'n Lace Sage
Item Number: R-DEN

Product Type: Full Sun

Color: Purple

Height: 21-30

Season of Bloom: Mid Summer

Detailed Description

Perennial Denim 'n Lace Sage - PEROVSKIA a. 'Denim 'n Lace'. 28-32" tall, full sun, mid-summer to mid-fall bloom. Lacy-like, bright sky blue flowers are held on amethyst calyxes. Its calyxes are spaced very close together to give the flowers a very full look. The colorful calyxes make it look like it is still in bloom even when it is past peak. You’ll have great color nearly all season long. Zones 4-9. Potted in 3" pot.

Will ship beginning early March 2020