Perennial Lakota Fire Coneflower

Perennial Lakota Fire Coneflower
Item Number: R-LAKO

Product Type: Full Sun

Color: Red

Height: 11-20

Season of Bloom: Early Summer

Detailed Description

Perennial Lakota Fire Coneflower - ECHINACEA LAKOTA™ 'Fire' - LAKOTA™ Series. 12-16" tall, full sun-part shade, early summer-early fall bloom. Beautiful shades of red, varying from reddish orange to pinkish red. Each 3 ˝" flower has horizontal petals. With a shorter stature, it is a great fit for the front of the border, small spaces, and combination containers. Deer resistant, attracts butterflies & songbirds, bee friendly. Zones 4-8. Potted in 3" pot.