Perennial Storm Cloud Bluestar

Perennial Storm Cloud Bluestar
Item Number: R-STOR

Product Type: Full Sun

Color: Blue

Height: 21-30

Season of Bloom: Late Spring

Detailed Description

Perennial Storm Cloud Bluestar - AMSONIA t. 'Storm Cloud'. 24-30" tall, 38-42" spread, full sun-part shade, late spring-early summer bloom. New stems emerge near-black with leaves that are very dark green with silver veins. The stems stay dark throughout spring. Light periwinkle blue, star-shaped flowers completely cover the foliage in late spring, and rebloom for many weeks afterward. Although the main interest of this plant is in spring, it maintains a great garden presence throughout the summer and fall. Its wide, mounded habit lends itself well to be used in place of shrubs in the landscape. Zone 4-9. #1 bareroot.