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Iris, one of the most popular and hardy of all perennial plants, delight the gardener and the designer alike with the full spectrum of available colors. They are one of the easiest perennial to grow! A little extra care and attention at fall planting will be greatly rewarded with glorious spring iris blooms. We are pleased to offer our new selections of bearded iris in the most sought after colors. Buy our iris with the confidence that you'll receive premium quality rhizomes.

Plant your new iris in a sunny, well-drained location of your garden. Work the soil loose and place the iris rhizomes just below the surface of the ground with the roots well spread out underneath, so the rhizome is within reach of the sun's rays. Some of the rhizome should be exposed above the surface of the ground. The plant should not be completely buried as you would a bulb. Zones 3-10.

Abbreviation Codes: E: Early, EM: Early Midseason, M: Mid Season, ML: Midseason to Late, L: Late, VL: Very Late, Re: Rebloomer, D: Dwarf Iris

Iris Surplus Get Them All Collection
Iris Surplus Get Them All Collection

Iris Season Ending Collection
Iris Season Ending Collection

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