Bob Gordon Elderberry Bush

Bob Gordon Elderberry Bush
Item Number: E-BOBG

Product Type: Full Sun

Height: 6+ feet

Season of Bloom: Spring

Detailed Description

Bob Gordon Elderberry Bush - SAMBUCUS canadensis 'Bob Gordon'. 6-8' tall, 6-8' spread, upright and rounded, full sun, spring bloom. Attractive large clusters of fragrant, white flowers appear in late spring then produce dark, purple to black berries that are sweeter and larger than other cultivars. The plants are vigorous and productive. Yields are high (20+ lbs.) and plants appear to have some resistance to Japanese Beetle. The sweet and juicy fruit contains a high amount of vitamin C and can be made into wine, jam or left on the plant to provide seasonal forage for wildlife. This variety requires a different variety to cross-pollinate. Zones 4-8. Bareroot and wrapped in high quality gardening mix.