Wyldwood Elderberry Bush

Wyldwood Elderberry Bush
Item Number: E-WYLD

Product Type: Full Sun

Height: 6+ feet

Season of Bloom: Spring

Detailed Description

Wyldwood Elderberry Bush - SAMBUCUS canadensis 'Wyldewood'. 5-8' tall, 5-8' spread, upright and rounded, full sun, spring bloom. Huge white flower heads form on vigorous, glossy green foliage. The sweet purple-black fruit develops in large clusters and ripens in late summer. Found growing wild in Brush Hills, Oklahoma. This native has a harvest season that is two and three weeks later than other major cultivars. Wyldewood has high vigor and bears fruit in 2-3 years after planting. The sweet and juicy fruit contains a high amount of vitamin C and makes excellent jams and wine. Deer resistant. This variety requires a different variety to cross-pollinate. Zones 3-8. Bareroot and wrapped in high quality gardening mix.