Iris Surplus Get Them All Collection

Iris Surplus Get Them All Collection
Item Number: I-C-SURPALL

Detailed Description

Iris Surplus Get Them All Collection - Get 1 each of all 26 German Bearded Iris, 2 Japanese and 3 Siberian Iris, 31 Iris in all, for just $216.00. Save over 25% and get free shipping! Includes: Crystal Halo, Night Thunder, Charming Billy, Dear Delight, I See Stars, Apricot Silk, Batik, Belvi Queen, Bernice's Legacy, Blessed Again, Blue Sapphire, Bruno, Bumblebee Delite, Caldron, Cherished, Cordoba, Dashing, English Cottage, Eternal Bliss, Gypsy Lord, His Royal Highness, Innocent Star, Invitation, Lady Friend, Lupita, October Splendor, Ozark Rebounder, Pink Attraction, Stepping Out, Victoria Falls and Wine and Roses. Zones 3-10.

Sold out of Black Knight & Lady in Waiting - collection price has been adjusted.