Lily Avalon Sunset - AOA (2 bulbs)

Lily Avalon Sunset - AOA (2 bulbs)
Item Number: L-AVA

Product Type: Full Sun

Color: Red

Height: 31-40

Season of Bloom: Early Summer

Detailed Description

Lily Avalon Sunset - AOA. 36" tall with early to mid-summer bloom. This large bloom is brilliant red at the heart then slowly fades to intense gold edges and is slightly ruffled at the tips. Fragrant. 14/16 cm bulb. 2 bulbs per package.

An AOA hybrid lily is a cross between Asiatic and Oriental, and that hybrid is backcrossed with another Asiatic lily. You get the best of both worlds; The gorgeous and dependable colors of the Asiatic lily and the amazing fragrance and incredible bloom size from the Oriental lily. They will make a statement when incorporated in the landscape or containers. They also make great cut flowers.