Perennial Lily of the Valley (5/bag)

Perennial Lily of the Valley (5/bag)
Item Number: R-LILY

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Product Type: Full Sun

Color: White

Height: 11-20

Season of Bloom: Mid Spring

Detailed Description

Perennial Lily of the Valley (5/bag) - CONVALLARIA majalis. 6-8” tall, 12-18” spread, full sun to full shade, mid spring bloom. Long lasting, pure white, bell-shaped flowers are held above green tulip-like foliage. Each stem bears an average of 6-8 bells. Very fragrant! Tiny orange berries follow the flowers. This tough, vigorous plant is great to cover slopes and riverbanks or in shady woodland sites, even under trees. Zones 2-7. Bare-root pips.

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