Perennial Little Henry Sweetspire

Perennial Little Henry Sweetspire
Item Number: R-LITTLEH

Product Type: Full Sun

Color: White

Height: 2-3 feet

Season of Bloom: Early Summer

Detailed Description

Perennial Little Henry Sweetspire - ITEA virginica ‘Little Henry’. 24-36” tall, 24-36” spread, full to part sun, early summer bloom. Slightly fragrant, pure white flowers explode across this green mound like a fireworks on the 4th of July. If these blooms aren’t enough, the foliage changing from green into shades of oranges and red in the fall will knock your socks off. If this plant is not in your garden, it should be. Use as a border plant, along foundations or planted in masses. Deer resistant. Zones 5-9. Potted in 1 quart pot.