Perennial Zinfin Doll® Hydrangea

Perennial Zinfin Doll® Hydrangea
Item Number: R-ZIN

Product Type: Part Shade

Color: White

Height: 4-6 feet

Season of Bloom: Mid Summer

Detailed Description

Perennial Zinfin Doll® Hydrangea - HYDRANGEA p. 'SMNHPRZEP' PP26956 CBR572. 4 ˝-6’ tall, 4 ˝-6’ spread, full sun to part sun, midsummer-early fall bloom. Large flowers that transform throughout the season. Blooms open pure white, then blush from the bottom to red and bubblegum pink clusters. Very sturdy stems ensure a tidy look and keeps maintenance to a bare minimum. An outstanding option to enhance your curb appeal or backyard oasis. Zones 3-8. Potted in 1 quart pot.